This equipment is fundamental for size reduction of raw material that enters from the quarry storage system.

Crushing is the phase of size reduction of the raw material, which is carried out before the grinding and cooking processes and must meet the following parameters.

  • Produce raw material whose fineness (particle size) is adequate to produce clinker in the required quality
  • Obtain the proper raw mix by supplying components in the correct ratio.
  • Dry the raw material to obtain a good handling.

SATAREM offers a wide range of equipment that will help you to optimize not only your raw material crushing process, but also reduce your investment and operating costs.

  • Yaw crusher.
  • Roller crusher.
  • Hammer crusher.
  • Rotary crusher.
  • Impact crusher.
  • Screen deck.
  • Stacker – Reclaimer.
  • Metal detector.
  • Metal separator.
  • Tripper.
  • Belt conveyor..



        For an excellent choice of your equipment, you must consider the following parameters:

        • Raw material.
        • Material hardness.
        • Abrasiveness
        • Viscosity.
        • Budget.
        • Maintenance

        Other consideration to keep in mind when selecting a crushing system is if your system is mobile, semi-automatic or stationary.

        SATAREM will always provide the best solution for your crushing needs.

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