Raw grinding

These equipment are fundamentals for the size reduction of the raw material that enters from the raw material storage and the quarry.

The raw material must leave the mill with an appropriate fineness to enter into the burning process. In the raw grinding process, the raw material cannot be homogenized due to the short retention period.

Raw material grinding can be divided into:

  • Dry grinding process:

    The desired size of the raw material depends on the burning process requirements and is normally in the range of 15-20% at R90 microns. 

  • Wet grinding process:

The material and water are introduced into the mill through a feeder. The product that comes out of the mill is a slurry that is pumped into a tank. Then the slurry is sent to the burning process.

SATAREM offers a wide range of equipment that will help to optimize not only the raw grinding process, but also the owner investment and operating costs:

  • Vertical roller mills (VRM).
  • Horizontal mill.
  • Bucket elevator.
  • Air slides.
  • Screw pump.
  • Belt weight feeder.
  • Separator.
  • Bag filter
  • Draft fan.


    }For an excellent choice of your equipment, the following parameters must be taken into account:

    • Raw material.
    • Raw material hardness.
    • Abrasiveness.
    • Viscosity.
    • Required particle size.
    • Budget.

    SATAREM Will always provide the best solution for your raw material grinding.

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