Cement Storage, Packaging and Dispatch

SATAREM storage silos have the capacity for handling all kinds of raw materials and finished products.

 This type of bulk materials tends to stratify due to differences in particle size and densities, main reason why SATAREM offers an alternative that allows adequate homogenization and improved performance in the dispatch and packaging of finished product.

 Our silos are designed for handling fine and thick materials in long-term storage or continuous use. Controlled flow technology ensures a complete recovery with energy efficiency without  needing manual cleaning.

 That is why SATAREM has developed a controlled flow technology that guarantees to avoid agglomerations, loss and dust problems. In addition, it allows to reduce the risk  since manual cleaning is not necessary.

 SATAREM manufactures silos with the sizes and materials according to the client’s requirement, with the aim of guaranteeing the necessary precision for the type of process carried out by each plant.


        The storage system proposed by SATAREM seeks to keep in mind the following points:

        • Filling and unloading must be safe and efficient, without waste.
        • Storage costs should be minimal

        Whether you need large to medium capacity for long- or short-term storage, we supply silos that allow you to safely mix and store many types and quantities of bulk materials.

        Some materials in addition to the finished product, managed by our silos include

        • Clinker
        • Additives (Plaster, alumina)
        • Fuel (Coal)
        • Advanced engineering and innovative design

        Our state-of-the-art silo systems give you:

        • Decreased costs and maintenance times
        • Energy efficiency
        • Extensive lifespan
        • Without accumulation
        • Full wipe
        • Possibility of new or modernization facilities
        • Flexibility in system design.
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