Process Audit


SATAREM suggests carrying out a comprehensive diagnosis on the main equipment of the cement production plant to identify opportunities for improvement and propose alternative solutions.

The comprehensive diagnosis of each process independently will allow you to show the main limitations of the system and propose improvements in the short, medium, and long term in process, mechanical and / or control aspects. Based on the proposed improvements, SATAREM will be able to determine the potential savings and benefits that your cement plant will have.

Development of Activities

The activities related to the development of this proposal will be implemented in phases, as listed below:

Phase 1: Field Visit

Phase 2: Report Preparation

The solutions proposed by SATAREM both in the short term (operational) and in the long term, must consider: (1) The limitations and particular conditions of the current system and (2) The solution that provides the best cost benefit ratio for the Client.

Phase 1: Field Visit

A project team made up of at least two (2) professionals with experience in the entire cement process will conduct a field visit to your plant in order to carry out a complete on-site review of the process that requires the audit, as well as collect information related to the teams.

Some of the activities carried out are:

  • Gathering of existing information: Photos, reports, technical sheets, plans in physical format, plans in digital format, etc.
  • Verification of operating conditions of the system and collection of variables in the control room
  • Review with plant personnel of problems and restrictions of the current system
  • Record of events and deviations during operation, analysis of equipment stoppages
  • Preliminary summary of visit and findings.

Phase 2: Report Preparation

Based on the information collected during the visit, the SATAREM team will develop the report in its offices based on an analysis of the information collected, of existing equipment such as equipment or modifications that SATAREM suggests implementing.

The report includes among others:

  • Analysis of operating parameters
  • Identification of system problems and restrictions
  • Suggested short-term improvements
  • Suggested improvements in the medium term (modifications)
  • Current and proposed flow chart
  • Projected matter and energy balance
  • Current and proposed layout
  • Preliminary budget (modifications)

SATAREM reserves the right to request additional information relevant to the project, committing itself to complete confidentiality of the documents obtained from the Client.






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