Prehomogenization systems are designed to avoid adverse variability on kiln feed composition, which could cause:

  • Kiln instability
  • Higher fuel consumption
  • Performance reduction
  • Insufficient service life of refractory
  • Clinker quality disturbances

SATAREM prehomogenization systems include several improved technologies covering modernized and optimized design, better integration of mechanical, electrical and hydraulic systems, meeting stricter environmental standards, among others.

SATAREM reclaimer incorporates the following features:

  • The steel structure design is optimized with ANSYS software.
  • Cutting edge environmentally friendly and energy conversing design.
  • State of art hydraulic technologies including Bosch Rexroth, Parker Denison, among others.
  • SEW, Flender, etc. hard tooth face reducer drive technology.
  • Advanced PLC control system compatible with existing client’s software (ex. ABB, Allen Bradley, Siemens, etc.).
  • Continuous monitoring system improves safety and reduces operator workload, thus avoiding accidents.
  • Reducing starting/stopping times of stacker reclaimer while shortening run-on-time with service life of the equipment extended and end user’s demand met.
  • Sophisticated lubrication system helps reduce maintenance workload
  • Comprehensive after-sales service and timely spare part supply ensure safe and normal operation.


      Selection of best prehomogenization is made by SATAREM experts considering several factors including raw material characteristics, weather conditions, environmental temperature, quarry operation and raw mill operation, future uprating of the store, homogenizing effect required, among others.

      SATAREM homogenization system include:

      1. Circular Blending Systems
      2. Longitudinal Bridge Scraper Systems
      3. Portal Scraper
      4. Side Scraper

      SATAREM can offer prehomogenization systems ranging from 100 to 1000TPH with rail span ranging from 20 to 50m.

       Our experience include limestone, raw mix, coal, gypsum, slag, and many other materials for the cement plant.

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