Homogenization Silos

The raw material must be homogenized to guarantee the effectiveness of the clinkerization process through constant quality. The resulting material must have a constant chemical composition.

SATAREM offers dry batch mixers as homogenization circuits in which the material from the raw material mill is distributed using silos or intermediate tanks to mix them later on to the final deposit.

In our design, the material will be mixed in the internal chambers, instead of carry out the operation in the total silo. Since homogenization takes place into internal chamber, the air required for the homogenization process is greatly reduced, with consequent energy savings, using low-power compressors for the internal chamber instead of large compressors for the entire silo.

SATAREM proposes a quadrant aeration system. Each quadrant operates sequentially as a mixing quadrant while the others serve as aeration quadrants. The compressors supply air, both for aeration and for mixing.



Through our designs we can optimize the performance of the homogenization process at the following points:

  • Amount of injected air

  • Number and size of silos
  • Number of compressors
  • Energy consumption

SATAREM offers the complete system or its main components such as:

  • Airslides
  • Directional valves
  • Double cut-off valves
  • Compressors

Additionally for humidity line processes, SATAREM has the experience to design and supply equipment such as:

  • Clarifier.
  • Thickeners.
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