Our long trajectory in the design and manufacture of pneumatic transport systems in the world, lets us provide an advanced solution to make a constant measurement of the mass of the material to be transported regardless of the variations in the density of it, guaranteeing an optimal control of the process.

SATAREM belt weight feeder specified for the type of raw material and process particular conditions and according to requirements. Our belt weight feeder offers easy installation, high reliability in weighing, easy maintenance and operation as a traditional belt.

Our dosing belt can feed material automatically, continuously and accurately. A “Free-flowing Bulk Solids” type dosing band will be supplied, it connects directly to the discharge hopper and includes a manual valve to control the height of the material bed.

The advantages of the SATAREM belt weight feeder are:

  • Direct weighing without error produced by cross signal.
  • Safety direct gear reducer and no parts working outside.
  • Top stop plate that prevents materials from slipping off the strap.
  • Polarization correction unit that ensures the belt works in a straight line.
  • The belt take-up unit ensures that the belt tension is unchanged in long-term use, which is important for accurate weighing.



Rotatory table

Our solution integrates a modern rotary table measuring equipment, capable of calculating the mass of a granulated material with great precision coupled to a pneumatic positive pressure transport system, designed to transport material at horizontal and vertical.

Benefits for the client

  • Decrease transport times.
  • Reduce operating costs.
  • Reduce material losses.
  • Reduce the pollution generated by a process.
  • Mounting flexibility.
  • Diversity of material to be transported.
  • Amount of material transported known through weight measurements.

Equipment description and functionalities:

  • Bag filters for pollution control in the plant.
  • De-dusting and recirculation system.
  • Guillotine valve for all systems.
  • Level control in the storage silo.
  • Aeration system to avoid clogging.
  • Pressure control in transport pipeline.

Screw conveyor 

SATAREM screw conveyor has features of compact structure, small cross-sectional area, ligh weight, good sealing, high efficiency, flexible arrangement. It is suitable to convey all kinds of powdery, granular bulk materials, such as clay powder, coal, cement, sand, small lump coal, gravel, scrap iron etc. But not suitable for sticky agglomerate, perishable materials. Screw conveyor has horizontal and inclined arrangement.


Our equipment has different advantages in comparison with others, these advantages are:

  • Clean and environmentally friendly production, especially suitable for conveying dusty, hot and sharp odour material.
  • The wear treated screw is more wearable and stronger than traditional common screw. It can significantly increase the service life of the screw.
  • It can achieve multi-point feeding and multi-point discharging according to user’s process layout.
  • The redesigned discharging structure makes the discharging smoother.
  • Compact structure, less wearing parts, convenient to install, operate and maintain.

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