Clinker Storage

The best way to choose your material storage system, both raw materials and products resulting from the cement manufacturing process are essential for production control and inventory management.

SATAREM handles a wide range of bulk materials storage, our silos will always provide you with a high blending and homogenization performance.

Some of the silos systems managed by SATAREM are:

  • Dome.
  • Longitudinal warehouse.
  • Cylindrical silo.
  • Circular tank.



Often Bulk material experience problems. Agglomeration and fluidization deficiencies are typical problems of standard bulk material storage. Therefore, SATAREM has the best developments in controlled fluidization technology who always look to guarantee that their materials can always be reclaimed from storage without manual cleaning, material lost or lumps generations.

  • Air slides.
  • Bucket elevator.
  • Belt conveyor.
  • Fluidization system.
  • Screw pump.

The selection of the silo type to be used has traditionally been based on the project manager’s own experience and purely economic factors, therefore SATAREM will provide one of its experts so that you always choose the best solution for your storage need.

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