SATAREM long tradition on Clinker coolers backs from early 80’s when SATAREM cofounder, Mr. Jerome Frieler, worked for Fuller, at that time one of the top 5 cement equipment suppliers in the world. For almost three decades SATAREM Group has been supplying clinker cooler projects for more than 100 clients around the globe.

SATAREM scope of supply and services covers from Cooler diagnostics, supplying spare parts until complete Cooler modernization and new clinker production lines including 4th generation coolers up to 7,000TPD.

SATAREM offers two main solutions for cooler projects:

  1. SATAREM 4th generation walking floor cooler
  2. SATAREM 3rd generation high efficiency grate cooler

Each solution has its own advantages and constraints, there is not definitive solution for every case as it is necessary to consider process conditions, existing cooler configuration, acceptable downtime during installation, level of investment, among others. After careful analysis of your specific conditions, let it be new installation or an existing cooler, SATAREM experts will asses the most convenient solution to get the best cost-benefit of your cooling needs.


SATAREM Walking floor cooler

SATAREM Walking Floor cooler is based on the “moving floor” principle, where the clinker being transported is aerated through specific regulating valves whilst a cold layer of pebbles and clinker protects the plate itself.

Unlike older generation coolers there are several lanes (usually between 5 and 9 for typical size kilns), driven by individual hydraulic cylinders, this allows to control differentiated speed control reducing the tendency for red rivers.

The 4th generation cooler has the following features:

  • The grate plate adopts clinker self-protection technology and its service life can be longer than 5 years.
  • It has a unique longitudinal sealing structure to ensure that grate bed has no leakage during operation, lifetime is ≥1 year.
  • Cooling air volume can be adjusted and effectively adapt to uneven granulometric distribution and thickness on grate bed, improving cooling air efficiency.
  • Transportation efficiency can achieve up to 75%, that means clinker can reach the end of cooler with less strokes in comparison with older generation coolers.


        The SATAREM High Efficiency grate cooler is designed to overcome problems related to inadequate mechanical and/or process design from old coolers including:

        • Poor heat recuperation,
        • Red river,
        • Frequent burns and damages on plates,
        • Mechanical drives failures
        • Clinker outlet temperature higher than design,
        • Insufficient cooling air or pressure

        Our traditional solution incorporates several improvements along +30 years of experience upgrading coolers from different brands such as Fuller ®, Polysius ®, Claudius Peters ®, Volga ®, among others.

        For clinker upgrades, SATAREM grate cooler can be fitted in any existing casing thus reducing the project investment. Usually the upgrading includes replacing the existing mechanical drive by hydraulic drive, new connecting shafts, new cooler beams, supports, SATAREM cooler plates, SATAREM guillotine (cut off) valves and SATAREM Rollers crusher.







          SATAREM Static inlet

          Regardless plant location, kiln output, etc. the cooler inlet section is key for a stable kiln operation and works together with kiln tube, the more stable is kiln the more stable will be cooler and vice versa.

          With increasing substitution rates for alternative fuels, kilns all over are experiencing a few changes on their operation parameters. Kiln flushing or snowmen inside cooler are not uncommon situations in today’s operations. Static inlet plays a key role to manage these challenges.

          At SATAREM our Static Inlet design combines the advantages of a static grate section (good service life and good cooling-air distribution), with the advantages of a clinker conveyance system (uniform clinker distribution and effective elimination of snowmen).

          As a result, we have a SATAREM Static inlet with high availability reducing kiln stops and high heat recovery thus reducing heat consumption for the all system. This is the prerequisite for an energy-efficient kiln system and a high use of secondary fuels.




            Hydraulic Drive Components

            SATAREM adopts well-known brands in hydraulic drive components such as Parker, Bosch Rexroth or equivalent. This guarantees maintainability from specialized suppliers and as a result the drive is stable in operation, convenient in speed adjustment, strong adaptability to working conditions and high reliability.




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