Cement Grinding

The clinker grinding process is the stage  where the particles are reduced in size , a combination of impact and abrasion and their efficiency depends on the controls realized on the size of the product, this stage of cement production is the stage with the highest energy consumption of the full process, in addition to being directly related to the properties and final quality of the product.

That is why SATAREM always offers the afterward added values in its cement grinding solutions to all its customers.

  • Energy consumption optimization.
  • Boost production.
  • Optimize quality product.
  • Lower Maintenance costs.

All our solutions are carefully designed to help your grinding need, all our equipment are robust, well designed and highly adaptable, highly featuring, durable, easily replaceable and easy maintenance.


Our grinding solutions are:

  • Vertical Mills (VRM).
  • Horizontal ball Mills.
  • Bucket elevator.
  • Air slides.
  • Screw pump.
  • Belt weight feeder.
  • Separator.
  • Bag filter.
  • Draft fan.

SATAREM with its vast years of experience in the cement industry and with hundreds of equipment sold around the world, continues developing its equipment to offer greater range and efficiency in cement grinding solutions. This experience and knowledge from the hand of its clients means that SATAREM can always send the best technology.

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