Our mission is to develop engineering projects for the cement and related industries, through the supply of equipment, spare parts and services, based on a culture of customer support, commercial flexibility, reliability in our products and services; always looking for the satisfaction of our customers, the comprehensive development of our human talent, the reduction of environmental impact and continuous improvement


Satarem’s vision is to continuously improve manufacturing technologies and cement manufacturing equipment efficiency. Thanks to our patented technologies and special designs for complete cement plant engineering or technical upgrades and thanks to our practical and well proven solutions that are based on extensive researches and many years of operational experience, most of the big cement groups around the world count on us for technical products and services, we are among the few in the world that can provide customized products and services to suit every cement plant special needs.

Corporative values.

Honesty: Our actions are consistent with what we preach. Our products and services will be delivered in accordance with our promise of value, taking care of our clients’ resources, our human talent and financial resources.

Diversity: We work with different cultural and multidisciplinary groups that coexist in the various projects, we respect the political, cultural, ideological and sexual identity and we adapt to the different ways of doing things seeking excellence in each activities carried out, We respect technical criteria and incorporate them into possible solutions.

Creativity: We respect and promote the active search for creative solutions to the needs of our Clients, Suppliers and our human talent. Creativity allows us to develop practical ideas product of the imagination.

Profitability: We consider it vital for the survival of the company that all our businesses compensate shareholders and capital contributors in a balanced way. Profitability will enable our company to survive and grow in the long term, ensuring that the expectations of customers, employees, government and shareholders are met.

Sustainability: Our products are focused on making more efficient the use of resources including electricity, water, fuels and non-renewable resources in general. Likewise, our operations are designed to reduce the impact on the environment through the use of communication technologies, electronic resources, among others.

Expertise: Our human team has the experience and specialized knowledge in the cement industry that allows it to solve the challenges associated with engineering solutions required by our clients.

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